Singing Choir
Music Stand Music Rhapsody Early Childhood Music Classes Every child is born with an innate and profound musicality. On a basic level this is demonstrated every day in such things as our ability to walk and talk. Our musicality is a gift, and with proper nurturing it grows with your child. The Music Rhapsody program, developed by internationally recognized music educator Lynn Kleiner, addresses each age and stage of childhood development. Classes are filled with songs and musical activities that foster love of music in an exciting and creative environment. It is a program that, to its core, acknowledges and values the input and creativity of each child.
$60 for siblings or families of current ECMS students
Each 10-week series of classes is structured to introduce children to developmentally appropriate musical skills in a fun and social environment. Caregivers attend and participate with their child—singing, playing instruments, dancing, and playing games.
Trumpet INSTRUMENT KITS $50 Each level of classes has its own set of instruments that are used for a variety of songs and activities. Students will use the instruments in class to participate and at home to continue developing their skills. The same kit may be used for all classes within a developmental stage. These kits are specifically designed for Music Rhapsody classes and feature high quality, safety-tested instruments.


Babies and Toddlers Make Music
From 3 months to age 2

Rhymes, songs, floor and lap games, dances, and other musical activities that stimulate your child's natural response to music and help to develop their ability to vocalize and keep a steady beat. Classes include a variety of instruments, puppets, and props to enrich the experience.

Kids Make Music
Ages 2 to 4

Children and caregivers will sing, dance, and play instruments in this class. Solo singing is encouraged to develop listening, pitch-matching, and language skills. Concepts such as high and low, soft and loud, up and down are developed through engaging games. Puppets, felts, instruments, and props add to the special music making experience.