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Music Stand WHERE EAU CLAIRE MUSIC BEGINS. The Eau Claire Music School was founded in 2010 with a commitment to providing community-oriented music education. A great place for students and teachers Students work with teachers to meet their individual goals within a larger network of other students, teachers, and staff who all support each other to enhance the learning experience. Music lessons and more Music is social and our goal is for our students to be a part of the broader music community. That is why we offer multiple performance opportunities as well as ensembles and classes for students ranging in age from infants to adults. Our teachers are employees We only hire people we trust to provide a great education experience and who can work as a team to help meet the needs of students and families. They range in experience from having doctorates in music to having decades of experience as professional musicians. One convenient location We have over twenty teachers who can provide a wide variety of lessons. Our building has two lobbies, a play area, and lots of amenities to make your time at our school enjoyable. We also have off-street parking, a covered walkway to our entrance, and a beautiful garden of native plants and strawberries.


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